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It has been past almost 6 months since the investment was made. From that moment we all are still waiting for our certificates of investment, investor benefits and updates from the businesses we’ve invested in. I would like to remind that certificates should have been sent within 2 weeks after the collected payment.

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Como decimos en España, “espera sentado”.
Y más con las últimas guarradas que está haciendo la compañía, creo que te puedes ir olvidando de lo que te han prometido :man_shrugging:t2:

Ojalá saliera todo esto en las noticias (o al menos en blogs de inversión y económicos) y se quedaran en pañales.

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So now that the certificates were given, we find out that the shares were rounded. I bought a certain number of shares and I expect to have that number of shares on my certificate or refunding me the excess.

I will be opening a group case and we will go to court against this fraud.