BNext Create Account Portugal

Hi! I would like to create an account, however I’m not living in Spain (I’m portuguese and I live in Portugal) but unfortunately I can’t download the app. Is there a way to create an account and benefit of it’s advantages?

You need a spanish mobile number to create an account.

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Thanks for the reply! So if I get a spanish mobile number I can create an account and benefit from all the advantages?

Hi there Bacano! You do not only need a Spanish phone number, but also it’s required to have a Spanish DNI or NIE, which means that you need current documentation to proceed. We are not yet abroad, but we are looking forward to do so. As soon as that happens, we will announce it, but I’m afraid that there’s not an estimated date for that event.

If you fulfill the requirements though, you could register and have your Bnext =)

Cheers! :penguin: